Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drive, Etc.

There have been some gnarly storms rolling through lately.

In the past week, I drove by 2 that I really, really wished I had my camera for.

So last night when another started to sweep by, I told Joe I wanted to go for a drive.

And off we went.

It wasn't half as great as the other two skies, and I hardly got a single okay photo. But I still had fun.

Lately I've been practicing the phrase "live in the moment" in an effort to enjoy life a little more. It seems to be working. Or at least it does at the moment...

I bought these at a store in town the other day. Secretia (Purple Heart) may just be my new favorite plant.

It only blooms in the morning.

But it still looks pretty the rest of the day.

I love the vibrant colors, even though my camera doesn't pick purple up very well.

I guess that's what photo editing is for.

So while I was writing this post, I got bit by a fire ant and it feels like my leg is...on fire. I didn't think fire ants lived around here. But now I'm pretty sure that they do...

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wannabedif said...

I've never done this before, posted a comment to a blog. But I'm on computer looking up plants and listening to Joel Olsteen on t.v. I love the color purple and was looking up what to plant with my marguerite sweet potato vine and meandering thru different web pages and came across this post. Ha! I already have these Purple Heart plants both in a pot and in the ground next to the vine. Now all I think I need is a sun loving coleus. All this to say, I liked your photos and I love your efforts to get storm pics and applaud your husband for taking you! I LOVE sitting on my usually hot (facing west) front porch in the morning, evening or when it's raining & stormy! I LOVE nature and thank God for what he's given us to take care of and soak in while we are here till we join him in the most beautiful garden of all...his home!