Friday, July 21, 2006

i told you i'd post they are!

alright, they are finally finished so im posting them!

the lighting was horrible and theres no sun today, so the pictures are a little bit lacking, but you get the idea:

front of invite, envelope behind:

close up: clockwise from left- first insert which shows the date; envelope; front of rsvp card (i didnt take any of the other side); and invitation info.

everything together, minus the map. the insert on the bottom right is the hotel information.
sorry about the recent lack of posts- ive been busy with the wedding stuff! not as busy as i should be though, i have to get back to that. have a good one! thanks for stopping!


Hildy said...

Erin- they are BEAUTIFUL! How fun and fabulous they are. Everyone is going to love them,I just know it. Congratulations! and wow... you have a busy time ahead of you! Lots 'o luck to you & your sweetie!

shelby said...

Those look great! You should be proud! Your wedding is going to be so wonderful!

Katie said...

Wow, they look BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a super job, holy cow! Have you ever thought of doing invitations like this for sale on Etsy? I don't know how time intensive they are to make and if there's a huge amount of overhead for materials and stuff, but I think there is an untapped market for things like this, esp. within circles of people like on Etsy and ReadyMade. DIY/Crafty peopel want cute, personal DIY invitations and want to support independant crafters like yourself...just something to think about. :-)

Would you at least make mine if ever the day arrives when we do take 'the plunge?' :-) Speaking of which, yours isn't very far away! Are you totally excited for it or too busy to even think about 'the day'?

Funky Finds said...

these are absolutely terrific!

Ky said...

love these! i created my own wedding invitations, as well - it was a lot of work, but i really enjoyed spending the time on it.

melanie said...

Those are lovely! I made my own wedding invitations too and it was both an enjoyable and frustrating experience. I didn't go to the length you did though with maps and such. Truly, I think those invites will make your guests even more excited to attend your wedding.