Tuesday, July 11, 2006


i just finished up a few new pocketbooks for my etsy shop. they didnt come along as quickly as i had hoped they would, but thats fine...just a lot of cutting paper...and cutting always takes longer than i want it to! and that is why i named my "business" operation paper cut. ha.
im afraid that my "favorites" post isnt going to come along until tomorrow or maybe even thursday. its a pretty hefty post, i have about 4 categories so far but i havent taken the time to actually put the links in yet, so im shooting for tomorrow night/thursday morning.
thanks to everybody who replied to my "tattoos" post. you guys are right, i really shouldnt feel like im compromising my body just because of this damn corporate job i work at. theres no way around it where i work at right now, although next month we are becoming a franchise, so we'll see what happens with that. im jut fed up with my workplace in general. i work as a waitress at chilis for those of you who dont know, and it really just plain sucks. there is no "gratuity added" on the bills which really can screw me over. (a lot of restaurants add it automatically if the party exceeds 8 people OR if the bill is over $100.) i dont get a paycheck. yeah, you heard me. my paychecks are void. when i lived and worked in illinois, at least i still got a paycheck from the chilis i worked for, but wisconsin laws are different. so i only rely on my tips for my income. i have to tip out 3% of my sales at the end of each shift. 1% to the busser, 1% to the bartender, and 1% to the QA who trays up our food and makes sure that everything is right on the order before sending it out. now, this is another thing that i REALLY get screwed on. say i have a party of 8 ghetto people, and their bill turns out to be $100. technically they SHOULD tip me $15-$20, depending on what standards you live by. well, these ghetto people leave me $5 and a "great job". so, since i just rang in 100 dollars worth of food, and i tip out 3%- guess what?! that leaves me with a wopping $2. oh yeah, and the people who dont tip AT ALL, and oh yes, many of these people exist, i basically have to pay for them to eat there. isnt that bullshit? yes. it is. it is also bullshit that if i am an opener or a closer, i either have to set up or take down everything, which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour. and since i dont get a paycheck, doesnt that mean im working for free? yeah. it does. ugh i could go on. and on. but i wont. i know that i have to get a new job. anyway, sorry for the rant. im just fed up with the place. and if the wedding wasnt in 2.5 months i would have probably walked out by now.


risa said...

oh man! that job does sound tough. hang in there...one day soon you'll be able to make a living with your gorgeous books.

shelby said...

These are sooooo cute. I know I just got something, but I am tempted!!!

Ky said...

love these pocket books!
my oldest sister waited tables after she first graduated from college, and she often complained about the "ignorant souls" who left little or no tip - she actually (brazenly!) followed a couple outside the restaurant and said, oh so sweetly "goodness gracious, i can see that you must have a busy night ahead of you - in your haste, you accidentally forgot to leave me a tip"....hehe
i know it must suck beyond belief, but i thought, perhaps, this would provide you with a chuckle!