Monday, July 17, 2006

t'was a goooood weekend.

hello everybody, im back! we had a good time.

so i said i would take pictures but we never went hiking like joe and i wanted to. we never get to do the "fun" things when we are with friends because they dont like the same things we do. usually joe and i like to take a long hike when we go camping, we do every time we go, but when we go with friends they just arent into that kind of thing. they arent into much, actually. they also dont understand why i get upset when they break branches off of living trees for marshmallow sticks...lets just say we dont have much in common. dont get me wrong, we get along and all, but they are joes friends from before he was with me, so im not the one who "picked" them as friends. they just kind of became friends since we all hang out on occasion.
anyway, the trip was a lot of fun. i got there at 11 am to get one of the last non-reservable sites! whew! then i set up camp which took a long time because it was SO hot and sticky and it was making me dizzy and weak. i went out to the camp store and bought some gatorade and dr. pepper and doritos, ate them, and then was good to go again. i set up the screen tent and the grill too, and then left to go buy firewood from a guy who has his own little stand. he's been selling since we first went up 3 years ago, and his tiny firewood stand has evolved to a large stand with fruits and veggies, pinwheels, bread, etc, and now they are so busy and his wife and son are involoved too. i really like supporting his gig, i talked to his wife and she was so friendly, and she seemed so thrilled that their "little stand" took off. now thats what they do full time, as their jobs, and they love it. we ended up buying about 12-15 bundles of wood over the weekend, and the guy usually recognizes us from past years. we ended up taking our friends there too, and one of them bought some blueberries, but couldnt help but wonder why they were $3- "what a rip off". this made me kind of upset because people dont appreciate other peoples hard work and dedication, and not only that- but most of you bloggers know who DIY really is all about and the passion that goes into it. its so difficult for me to hang out with these kinds of people- the traditional ones who ask "why dont you want to change your last name", "i should have just bought those berries at wal-mart", etc, because they just dont get it, nor do they want to. ooh welll. anyway, after the wood i went out and got stuff for burgers and then i returned to the campsite. joe and his friend had just arrived, it was around 7:30 i think. it was a long day but i had a good time. i took a long nap under a tree too, which was nice, because i cant do that at home since i live in an apartment and i dont feel safe just picking a random tree to sleep under.

that night we had a drunken good time (and wow, yeah i was drunk). camping and drinking just kind of go hand in hand i suppose, haha. i did some semi-stupid things while i was drinking- i ended up in the wrong campsite and ran around their tent and realized that i was lost. so i proceded to "quietly" yell "joe, im lost. haha, joe where are you because im LOST!" i dont know if the people at that site appreciated it, but they didnt get out of their tent, so thats good.
anyway, enough about the trip- when i got home, i saw that my "blustery day" journal made the front page of etsy! it really boosted my sales for a little while too! this made me so happy, perfect timing. well, almost perfect- i wish i had more journals to offer to people, but since i dont have much time to devote to them, ive been making little things here and there. i sold both of the moleskines that i had left too. i wasnt going to list them on etsy, but after i talked to a few people on there, i decided that i should. and they sold REALLY fast, too. which was great.

woooohhoooo blustery day journal! can you see it?? this made me so happy! thanks to snagit, i can remember this for a long time. okay okay, i know im a little out there when it comes to this sort of thing, but you know...

and a couple things i made today for the shop...only tags, so not all that wonderful, but i like tags so thats why i made 'em.okay, i need to sleep now. have a wonderful day! thanks for stopping by!

until next time.....


Ky said...

welcome back! i completely understand what you were conveying about your friends - i believe there are also instances of friendships running on sheer momentum (you know, the whole "we've been friends for so long we just continued to be friends")...glad you had a good time nonetheless!

mommy2u said...

glad you had a fun weekend! Too bad we couldn't hook up while we were there:( it's great about your blustery day journal:) i'm so proud of you!! (not just for that tho) glad to know you made it back safe & sound from getting lost!!

Katie said...


I thought I wrote something to you on your post here already but I don't see it now, argh! Anywhoo, it sounds like you had a wonderful time even if it was hot and icky and you had to hang out with a few un-posi/diy people. It's unfortunate that the world is filled with people who would rather support Wal-Mart then local businesses but such is the life of a lazy american. just try your best to gently show them there is anotehr side to life and you've done what you can do. It may take a while for them to realize but as I'm realizing with my boyfriend who stupidly smokes cigarettes (! so not smart and he's a friggin lawyer for chrisssakes!), they need to *want* to change before they'll actually do anyhting about it. Sorry for the blog-entry length comment. :-)

I was super excited to see your journal on the front page of Etsy!!! Congrats!!!!