Friday, July 07, 2006

moleskine madness

here's a new one! i just sold "trees" so i had to post another one so you guys would have 2 to choose from again. so this one is titled "leaves". (i would say tree but thats too close to trees"). if you are interested in purchasing, its $8 whihc includes S&H and a couple gift tags. scroll down for more info on the moleskines! (i added this moleskine to the same post i made earlier, so its a long post, i will seperate it with a line or something so youre not confused. NOT that you would be...but i might be.********************************************************
wow, thank you for buying the moleskines! i just created another last night. i was going to post it last night but blogger is giving me problems again! so i now have a mozilla firefox browser (which is mega slow compared to my usual browser!) so we'll see if this mozilla thing works any better when it comes to getting my pictures on the blog.

the sun is rising right now, i can literally see it moving up into the sky. looks like the sun rises at 5:21 a.m...thats early!

joe and i went for a short walk last night. walks are one of my favorite things to do, but i dont think joe really likes them. anyway, while we were walking i saw a lamp post with a tree next to it and i really liked the way it looked, im thinking about making that my first screen print when i get my press set up after the wedding. maybe i will take a picture of it tonight. ooooh tonight joe is leaving me for the weekend to go to his friends house. uuugh i was going to go with and i had every intention on going but im staying home because the wedding invitations are more important to me. heh, looks like my family will get theirs...i wonder when his family will get theirs, since i dont think he relized that this is NOT a good weekend to leave town. im a little sour about this situation- the invitations really should be a bigger priority on his list but they arent! uugh. we'll see if i make his for him (ha, i know- thats terrible for me to say, but come ON now, if you want them done, then stay home!) arg....rant rant rant.

anyway, back to what i was talking about earlier- the new moleskine journal! i might end up adding another moleskine to this post later on rather than creating a new post for it, so if you visit again after reading this, this post may have changed.

ooookay here it is- this particular moleskine features 2 flower-type images. one shows through the hole in the cover and can be seen in full view when you open the book. drawn with india ink using rapidograph pens, 3.5"x5.5", $8 paypal to the first person who emails me (email address listed in last post). the title for this one is "grow". the payment of $8 includes S&H and a couple of gift tags!

inside view-


gracia said...

Lovely moleskine madness over there...
cheers, gracia

hildy said...

Oh Erin- It's beautiful!

zingtrial said...

yes it's beautiful,Hmmmmmmmmmmm
thanks for sharing

Jessic said...

I love your Birthday bird card in your etsy shop! It is really well made and beautiful.

Katie said...

I meant to write you earlier - these are all coming out sooooo beautifully! I think I got your journal in the mail today at work, but sadly I am home waiting for a plumber to arrive, so I'll only have it tomorrow.