Wednesday, July 05, 2006


alright, the moment youve been waiting for since the last stuff!
im featuring 2 moleskines for now, more to come later on. anyway, they are the cahier style ones with 64 plain pages which includes 16 detachable pages. inner pocket in the back. AND its our favorite- kraft paper covers! okay, so maybe not YOUR favorite, but definitely mine! these 2 were illustrated by me, i used rapidograph pens/black india ink.
if these ones arent your style, the next set might be stamped. or covered in some great paper i have no other use for...oorrrr maybe even something else. we'll see. you can probably count on them being nature inspired, but i guess it depends on the day.
if you are interested in purchasing, send me an email at erinscissorhands AT gmail DOT com. the first one is titled "plants" ***PLANTS HAS BEEN SOLD
! thanks so much shelby!*** and the second one is "trees"***trees has been sold!***. dimensions are: 3.5"x5.5", a great size!i accept paypal, each moleskine is $8.00 which includes S&H and a couple gift tags.
the tree one has a clothespin because i couldnt get it to lay flat when i was taking the picture.
in other news, i'll be posting pictures of our wedding progress/DIY projects next week, hopefully. its coming so fast! i think there are only 80 more days until THE day! yikes!
oh yeah, one more moleskine related should check out frenchtoastcake and also ninthwavedesigns for some awesome moleskine-ness.
i look forward to hearing from you guys, i check my comments and emails compulsively! not good, not good.


lisa s said...

well, i'll be the first to tell you that they are great! if i didnt just start a new little journal in my bag i'd snatch one up.... !!!

risa said...

i loooove the plant one. and i too have t hing for kraft paper. there's nothing else quite like it. :)

Hildy said...

How can you say not so exciting? They are wonderful!

shelby said...

oh, I love them! They are something to get excited about! I had a really crappy day and this is helping it become a little less crappy! Thanks Erin, for making pretty thing!!!

Katie said...

Ooo, these are lovely erin! I may need to snatch one up to use as my new garden journal - or just because they're rad and I always need a little journal to carry around. :-)

what are the dimensions though? is "moleskine" a standard term for the size/shape? i know not of these things. :-)

Laurie said...

They are awesome!! I'm interested in sizes, too!

erin scissorhands said...

wow, what a great response ive gotten! (okay, so i get excited easily) but thank you so much for all of the lovely comments!

katie and laurie- the size is 3.5"x5.5", it really is a great size and i cant believe i forgot to mention it in my post!

lisa said...

oh, those tree drawings!!