Monday, July 31, 2006

finally feeling better.

okay, im better now! good thing because i missed blogging and making new things for my shop.
i made 3 new moleskines...i decided to go ahead and list these on etsy rather than the blog only. i do have some plans for blog friends only in the near-ish future, though! (probably around that considered the near future? i think so.)
anyway, here they are- 3 new moleskines! if youre interested in any, click here. and if you dont have an etsy account, but youre still interested, send me an email to see if the one you want has been sold- if it hasnt, i'd be happy to take it out of my shop and send it to you! i accept paypal, the total cost is $8 which includes shipping.

this one is "leaves", printed with red and brown ink using a stamp that i carved a few months ago...

"apples"... i carved this apple stamp awhile ago- i think it was one of the first designs i did, there are a series of 3 different apples but this moleskine only features one of them.

aaand a pine tree one...lately i am in love with pine trees. i mean, i love all trees but pines are at the top of the list right now. the sun is printed with yellow and red ink, and shows through a hole in the cover.

heres the inside of the pine tree one...

alright, thats all for now!

so joe just watered our dead flower on the balcony and he over filled it...this resulted in a nasty water overflow, which spilled through the cracks of the balcony down to the balcony under ours, and all the water is sitting in their chair. so, since joe is a nice guy he ran downstairs and knocked on their door to let them know/apologize/etc. i guess the guy just opened the door, joe told him, and the guy was just like "oh. whatever." in a "why would i care, youre wasting my time" tone. this is just another reason why i cant stand most people. if somebody came and apologized to ME for something like that, i would be touched that they took the time to come do that, especially becuase they dont know me, ya know. now joe feels like an ass. oh well, some people just suck. i hope our plant container leaks all over that guys head.


Somersault said... thoughts exactly, Erin!
Once (most) people are grown-up, they often lose the ability to care for small things and gestures.
Correct me if I'm wrong!

cheers, Sia

lisa s said...

yes it sucks that was the guys reaction, but hopefully that won't change you or joe.... keep putting the kindness out there... it's VERY important!! :D

and w/ karma - that guy will have icky water all over his head!! for sure!

Dawbis said...

yikes! i'm sorry i did not comment sooner, but i hope you are fully recovered! good to see you creating... wonderful things :)

good for joe for doing the right thing, and too bad for that guy not appreciating the gesture! i hate people too sometimes.

Katie said...

hi erin! I did see all the comments. Thank you for being my lone commenter. It gets lonely over there sometimes when no one responds. I never know if I'm boring people, so save me from myself and tell me if so. :-)

My boss was making fun of me the day I tore my pants like, "C'mon, some people pay hundreds of dollars to buy jeans like that!" I was like "Well, I for one, do not need air conditioning in my pants!" This was before this stupid heat wave hit. I was considering wearing them into work again today - of course with fortified underpants.

anyway, screw your jerk neighbors. It was really a stand-up thing your man did to go and pre-emptively apologize. Don't worry, karma will get 'em if the water doesn't. :-)

abby said...

Wow-those moleskines are like the one you bought from me.
Good luck with all your wedding plans!