Thursday, August 03, 2006

happy trails...

the day has finally come...this journal is getting shipped off to a new home!
it's going to be difficult to give this one up! it was "hearted" by a lot of people on etsy and its the one that made the front page too. somebody finally bought it! goodbye, blustery day, you will be missed!
so now i only have 2 journals in my shop. i dont like only having 2 in there, but i promised myself to stay away from journal making until the wedding is over, because otherwise thats what my time would be devoted to. i plan on making at least one journal a day after we return from our honeymoon- christmas will be just around the corner and i need a lot of journals to offer! im also going to have a lot of christmas/holiday cards to offer as well, and i have a few other plans too. im going to be selling packs of cards for the holidays so people can buy in bulk and send to friends and family. im thinking packs of 3, 8, and 16, but that could change by then. okay okay, no more talk about christmas!
i should be sleeping right now but i have too many little things running through my mind. mainly about future journals and other things, heh, i cant wait until i can devote all my time to crafting again! but also about the wedding. i was able to pick up a shift at work tonight, which takes a lot of stress off from paying the honeymoon off by next week. im hoping that we will be busy tonight and i will make good tips.
alright, anyway i need to try to sleep. take care everybody! oh, and happy august!


lisa s said...

happy august! i remember getting ready for the wedding.... oy was there a lot to do! good luck! [definitely stop thinking about journals! :)]

melanie said...

The journals will be waiting for you to make them when all the wedding frivolities are over.

Today's journal is lovely by the way.

louise said...

Happy planning.
And I love this journal too.
cheers, LJ