Monday, August 07, 2006

oh my god- the wedding is in 6 short weeks! i cant believe it. oh! but that also means that we will be in aruba in 6 weeks! ahh! im so excited that i will be finished with the wedding stuff soon and then sipping daiquiris on the beach. we are going to the bucuti hotel and staying in the tara beach suites. it will be so much fun!
so, we tried registering at target the other day...we only came up with 13 things, all under about $25. i mean, half are under $15 i think. we just dont NEED anything, ya know? and not only that, but target isnt on the top of my list for items for the home. yes, they have cute clothes and i could easily spend thousands if it was just going to be stuff for ME- like clothes and accessories- but it is so difficult to register when we've lived together for over a year. we created a honeymoon registry online, but i dont know how that will go. i wish crate and barrel was closer to us! i would most definitely register there! so many things come to mind when i think of that store!
im really tired today. i didnt get enough sleep! i have to leave for work in 20 minutes, but first i should package an order that has to go out so i can stop at the p.o. on my way to work. yay. the post office, my favorite. not. there's a lady there who is a real bitch to me, ugh and she's there almost every time i go in.
anyway, i should go do that. take care! sorry no pictures this time...maybe next time i will have some!


lisa s said...

can you register online w/ CB?? i know it's nice to actually see and touch things, but.... just a thought...

wow 6 weeks... that's soon!

Dawbis said...

i was the same way when we registered for our wedding.

i didn't know anything about house stuff, how was i supposed to know what we needed? and on top of that, i preferred to shop for myself, to see the items in person, and to buy other things than household goods.

how exciting, your wedding! it will go by so fast! good luck with everything.