Friday, August 25, 2006


thank you for all of your help in my situation (read my last post if youre confused!) are all so sweet!
the 25% off sale is still in effect for blog friends until today at 2:00 pm, EST.
all ive been thinking about is my poor camera and that im so upset that i had it for only a year and now its useless! i also think its because it was one of my first big-ish purchases after we moved in together. but i guess i can look at the bright camera means new technology. and new technology means more megapixels!
i guess this will give me time to crank out a few more of those things that i told you i wanted to show you. i only have 3 for now, and they are all mediochre. i know i can do better...i mean, i like them all but i had so many new ideas this morning, i just need to get some paintchips from the store. when you see them listed on here, you'll know that i got a new camera! uuugh but that wont be until mid sept! unless i can figure something out real quick.

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