Thursday, June 25, 2009

House Hunt Number One.


So I already changed the grey to a gold color on the bird house...

That's the 5th time I've painted and repainted. But at least it's done now.

Here is the new corner for the summer, to replace this corner from the spring.

House hunting went well. Joe and I definitely have different ideas, but when it comes down to it, his really do make more sense and I'm just being Erin stubborn, making everything more difficult than it has to be (yes...i give in...i am a very difficult person to please, especially long-term. But I have been good lately and have bit my tongue a lot.) Sorry that I like character! Which translates to secret rooms, doors and passage ways. Okay, so this house turned out to be as awesome as it was creepy. It would be a really great house to have roommates and throw lots of parties in. There was a really cool secret attic thing upstairs and then we went down into the basement and the first thing I thought was "haunted house" was CRAZY! A concrete basement, with doors that led to more doors, locked by a nut and bolt (loved that) that you had to duck to get into and then we got to this crazy weird tiny circular room (probably 6 feet wide by 6 or 7 feet tall) that may have been a bomb shelter or a hiding place for a war or something. Who knows. It had a built in bench that went around it and the walls were slanted all the way around, it felt like a UFO! Even though it was an awesome house, there was a lot of wasted space and the layout was really random (but that's what made it fun). I just wouldn't be able to feel at ease in that house, as beautiful as it was...there's way too many hiding spots! And I freak out about home intruders on a regular basis and I don't want my sleep paralysis to come back ever again, so for my health, I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to live in such a house.

So before we saw that home, we went to this ranch.

It was beautiful inside, very sunny in the kitchen and bedroom in the evening, the backyard is HUGE (about an acre and a half) and had lots of nice gardens, there is a workshop in the basement (i hate basements........but joe loves them so this is one area where i may give in) and a utility sink adjacent to the workshop. Um, can you say printmaking studio? YES. Annnd the reason I would say okay to this particular basement is because it has a walkout into the yard, so it's not as dark and dingy as most basements tend to be. The downstairs was just really great and would be perfect for guests because it has separate living areas and a fireplace.

The problem is's a ranch. And I'm not into mid-century design like I used to be (way too trendy right now and very stark and cold) so I'm a little concerned about that. And it's a ranch. The typical American house. BUT the more I think about it, the more I want to see it again, because was really cool, for a ranch. So we'll see. It also has great potential for an exterior facelift. I've already rethought that whole process.

Anyway. I'm sure by now you are bored of my house adventures. I know I would be. But I've been stalking realty sites for over 3 years now and it's finally time to buy one! So I'm just a tad bit wound up about it all.

Okay, off to the balcony I go. I'm going to plant some wildflowers.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

not bored, bring on the hunt...

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I'm not bored either--and that ranch is super cute! When we were house hunting we fell in love with the idea of a house similar to the first one with the bomb shelter and padlocked doors. We toured it 3 times and they wouldn't let us see the whole bomb shelter--turned out to be flooded and filled with stagnant water. That ended the bomb shelter=cool idea for us.

findingfabulous said...

oh it is great but I am going through something similar buying a ranch - I have loved Mid-century for a really long time and now that it is super everywhere I am tired of it. Only problem is I have great pieces that I could never afford nor or again -do a i sell them or hang on till the trend dies down.