Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink and Yellow

After spending a couple months trying to find pillows that would help me bring more purple into our home, I gave up and went for these ivory and pink ones, from World Market.

Sure I could have sewn my own. But the problem is that I don't sew and I'm very intimidated by the sewing machine! This is probably because the one I was given a few years ago needed work, which I did not know, and turned sewing into a nightmare.

So anyway, I realized that I was unknowingly gathering a pink & yellow color scheme in the living room (more yellow than pink) which is funny since I have been attracted to the pair for awhile now, but only thought about using it in an outdoor area (like for a party).
Today I am making a recycling station in the basement. It's going to be really simple, but I hope to have one closer to this some day (via apartment therapy):

Also, I bought 2 of these stools from CB2 yesterday. It may seem like I'm buying a lot lately, which I kind of have been, but I'm trying to catch up to the needs of the house. We do not have good seating in the kitchen/dining room, and we are going to be doing 2 quick and somewhat inexpensive projects over the next couple weeks to help remedy this problem. One of the projects will require stools in order to finish it off.

Of course, I suppose I do not need to fill the house. But for whatever reason, the lack of house-stuff that I would like to have affects my mood in a very negative way. So for my mental health, I buy things. Thankfully, the things that I buy are practical, like seats when we don't have seats.

But I still wish I could be one of those people who just didn't care what their house looked like (within reason...) because it's mentally exhausting to wish for so many things. I would stop if I could!

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bugheart said...

cute pillows
you really
can make
i am not gifted
with a
needle and thread
and i made
i swear.
it's easy.
good luck