Friday, February 05, 2010


Only a couple more months until we can start furnishing our back deck! We plan on having multiple parties this summer (we haven't had more than a few people over yet) and I want to provide a relaxing area for mingling.

I don't want to go quite this far, but I do like the lighting on the steps and the gravel at the bottom. Eventually, I'd like to incorporate our hammock area with the deck, but I think it will take a couple of years since the hammock is about 25 feet away from the deck and landscaping is expensive.

A large outdoor rug is a high priority, especially on our wooden deck. I've been wanting one for years!

Our biggest goal for the yard this year is to build a firepit, and I'm digging this one quite a bit. I also like the patio and weathered chairs. My parents are keeping their eyes peeled for wicker and wooden furniture since they go to a lot of flea markets and auctions.

I originally saved this photo for the cute shed, since we need to build one (next year), but I like the brick patio as well.

The fabric used for the pillows in this photo is perfect inspiration for us, since we're going with wooden and wicker furniture. That way I can change colors whenever I want, since the furniture will remain neutral.

So, just a few ideas I'm holding onto. I told Joe that I want to keep our budget under $500, and he said how about $400, so I'll try for that. We already have a few things so far, and I've been having a lot of good luck thrifting and craigslist surfing. I also have more barnwood laying around, so if I have to build things to stay under our budget I will.

No sources for the photos, unfortunately, since I didn't start saving that info until recently.
In other news, I go back to work today. It will be nice to have money again so I can finally carry on with my projects! Working with what I had on hand was fine for a little while until I ran out of supplies, but in a few weeks things should be a little better.


beth said...

I think you should make it JUST like those pictures and then Nate and I would come over with cocktails and aps. It might be hard getting us to leave.

Erin Lang Norris said...

Oh damn! I better get on it, then! Spring is just around the corner. :)

bugheart said...

oh wow.
your own deck?!
makes me
dream of summer.
love the