Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I forgot to post this on Monday, so I'm doing it today.

As most of you know, Sunday was the Super Bowl.

Joe is in a fantasy football league, which means that throughout the football season, that damn television blares grunting, yelling, screaming and cheering every weekend, from morning until evening. So the day of the Super Bowl is always a good one to me (as long as it doesn't fall on my birthday!), because that means that football is just about over for the year.

Now, before we moved into our house, I was very excited to have a home that we could make our own, through simple updates, paint, etc. Just like all the blogs I read.

This was before I realized that Joe really isn't into that sort of thing (that was a very hard day for me)...

For awhile I was pretty hard on him about it. I'd have to say that my biggest character flaw (that i am aware of, and i could be way off) is that I'm extremely critical of myself and others. Which is exhausting for Joe, I'm sure.

I've been working on that issue, though, and to apologize for being a nagging you know what all football season, I made something that I knew he would appreciate. Something that I would have never made for myself, because I don't eat things in the hot dog family (yeah yeah yeah...).

Lil' Smokies with Beer Cheese Fondue. I saw it on Rachael Ray when I was at my parents, and knew that I had to make them for Joe.

I told him all week that I had a surprise for him. He asked "is this one of those surprises that you say is for me but is really for you?" Damn, he noticed....?

It took be 45 minutes to prepare these things, as they're a bit tedious, but they were well worth it. And I even ate them, too, because I knew they wouldn't kill me and anything is fine in moderation (usually).

The cool part was that I got to use my recently thrifted fondue pot for the first time. That thing is awesome. Made in Japan, one of my favorite makers of things. I should mention that the pot came with a burner, but I used candles this time around since I didn't have fluid for the burner.

After the football game, Joe told me that we can do a project this weekend. Really?! That's awesome! Except that this weekend is the start of me working on weekends...You see, there is a small reason to my madness. I had every weekend off throughout the winter, but now I will be working most every weekend until football starts again. Around and round we go.


bugheart said...

i am not
on football.
but i heart
fondue pot!

beth said...

Mmmmm beer fondue.