Sunday, February 07, 2010

Too Slow.

I've been wanting this Channel Stitch Quilt from West Elm. I've pretty much been stalking it on the website for about a month now, which really isn't that long for me.

I just went to buy it, because it was one of two things (out of hundreds) that I picked to buy with the money I got for my birthday and an Etsy sale. Well, of course, it's sold out. Like pretty much everything I ever lust after (that's not at a thrift store) and save for weeks on end to buy.


I guess I could spend it on this lamp, since I've wanted it for even longer...

But the quilt would have been just what I needed to help with Joe's request (he doesn't make many): To have a bedroom that is more of a retreat, somewhere we can go after a long day and just hang out. I've never been a fan of the idea, but the more I think about it, what's the big deal? Especially the way the bedroom is set up- a window bench and a sliding door out to the hot tub. I think it's only fair that the bedroom is made into something like this when it already has so much going for it. So he's supposed to be going out of town soon, and that's when I was going to do a quick bedroom update. Which was to include this quilt. He saw it at West Elm and liked it as well. The thing that sucks even more is that the OTHER thing I wanted to buy is sold out, too. Sure, there is a LOT that I want to buy. But I never actually end up buying it. These 2 things are different- I was actually going to buy them!

eBay it is. Too bad it may take forever to find it.

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