Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today was a great day. No work for either of us. It was sunny and warm. The birds were out. It was Spring. And nothing really had to get done. The day was fun and relaxing. I can't remember the last time I felt like this.

We headed off to Madison for some food and shopping. When we got home I repotted some plants. I also planted some Cat Grass for Moonshadow and Clementine. I recently discovered the marvels of this simple grassy plant. Since introducing it to them a few days ago, they no longer have any interest in house plants and haven't been scarfing down as much cat food. Which is awesome, because I was able to bring my plants back out and not worry about the cats killing any more than they already have!

For the record, "Potting Mix" sucks and I wouldn't recommend it. That's what happens when you are new to things and want to try something different...trial and error. Mostly error.

Anyway, when we were in Madison we went to Bluephies for brunch. I had a mimosa. I need more of those in my life.

We also went to Johannsen's (a favorite stop of mine. always.), a record store, Home Depot and Target. Got some small things here and there. I spend money fast when I have it since it's a rare occasion (i know my time is coming, though! we are trying to "do things right" with our finances. hard but worth it.) I can never decide on just one big thing (camera or tent or subwoofer?) so I usually just opt for like 10 small things. Like records, plant seeds and thrift store finds.

But for now I should be going. A certain Mister wants to cuddle. And it's not Joe.

One more thing- I'm hoping to be around more frequently now! The first half of March is a bad time for me when it comes to having time to blog. I'm assuming that the end of May will be the same. We are having a big get together over Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned for that fun. (only 2 months?! yikes...)


Pravina Studio said...

Wow, you really took advantage of your day off! Sounds fun and productive. I don't think I've ever been to Bluephies. I should really try it one of these days.

Erin Lang Norris said...

Ah yes- Joe helps me so much when it comes to getting things done. Without him I'm terrible! So, I suppose that day makes up for all of my unproductive days off. ;)

A note on Bluephies- I'd go for dessert and coffee or something. The breakfast was okay...nothing I have to run back for. But those desserts in the glass case up front look so good!