Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Spring is almost here.

While Wisconsin winters are usually long, I found this winter to be seemingly short, and we were quite lucky with the temperatures. The season only offered a couple days that we brutally cold. That's coming from somebody who doesn't own a winter coat. It was nice. Hardly any snow fell compared to the past 2 years, which was kind of a drag, but oh well.

With the longer days soon to come (it gets light out at 6:15 AM now!) and house projects tempting us left and right, Joe finally agreed to something that I have been begging him to do for almost 5 years now.

He canceled the cable.

You have no idea just how excited I am about this. I'm going to throw a party for him and bake cupcakes to celebrate.

You see, Joe loves his television. A LOT. I felt guilty when he told me he did it, but I know that he will come around to love other activities soon enough. I can't blame him for his love, though. We have very different jobs. I could never do what he does- he racks his brain all day at work, and he's awesome at scheming solutions to problems day in and day out. So much so that he brings it home and tries to offer me advice when I bicker about something minimal and not advice-worthy, like the way my shoes fit (thanks, hon......) Throw in a bunch of Microsoft programs and heaping stacks of numbers and meetings and departments and speeches and managing...can I really blame him for wanting to veg-out after a week like that? So then there's my job. I show up to work and talk about kayaks, chill outside with fun customers, move boats around and help people understand why merino wool is the way to go. Big dif.

So anyway, we will save over $100 a month, which we've agreed will go directly towards projects. All winter I've been almost sobbing over the paint colors in the house, but with no money to paint, what could I do? Not much. But at the rate of $100/month, I can have the interior painted in no time (if i can decide on colors, haha) and all the little things (rugs, lighting, etc) purchased in just a few thrift-trips.

I can't wait!

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...


I have to admit that when the guy actually came out to attach the filter (we kept cable for the network stations, HD antennas don't work in our area) there was a brief moment of panic. We have yet to get the first bill, but I cannot wait! I've never anticipated a bill this much.