Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ramble Ramble Blah Blah Blah

I think Renee pretty much summed it up in the paragraph under the image in this post. She put it way better than I did in the post that I've had sitting in my blogger edit section for the past week and a half. But fact of the matter is, reading blog after blog by people who are moving right along with house updates and buying beautiful new things for their home and their everyday life like it's nothing has been wearing on me. Hard. It pretty much grates my brain some days.

I would *love* to have some chairs for our dining room table. Maybe some window treatments for our living room windows which have been bare for months (yeah, we're on display at all times. I'm mostly okay with it only because I love driving by people's homes and looking in their windows at night to see how they decorate. So I figured I'd let the 4 people who use our road see inside our house, too...). If we had lighting in the kitchen that I could read a cookbook without straining, that would be grand. It would also prevent me from adding paprika or cumin to my oatmeal thinking it's cinnamon. (the cumin i caught right away. the paprika took a bite or so before i realized it.) And if I owned more than one pair of work pants or maybe a winter jacket, that would be nice too. It would be really, really cool if I didn't have to rely on thrift stores to get the things I need. Don't get me wrong- I love thrifting. But when I need new pants and can't find any that fit and spend all that time rubbing other peoples leg skin particles on my own legs after trying 8 pairs on, it gets kind of discouraging. And it feels kind of icky. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Anyway. Before I complain too much, I should say that the things that Joe and I have are nice things. It's not like we're poor- we have a roof over our heads and are able to do things with friends from time to time. But we'd love a vacation. And it would be awesome to just buy some damn window treatments already. And if the bank lady didn't condescendingly ask me "so, do you want this deposited into the account that you have 32 cents in?" that would be super.

But then after all these thoughts flurry around in my head, I stop and think. I could have a mind that didn't submerge itself in creative visions all day long. I meet a lot of people who don't have that. Sometimes I am envious because I know if I didn't wish and wonder about anything and everything, I wouldn't want everything I wouldn't even care about dumb wall colors or wonder if I can find an old funnel to turn into a hangy light or hoard files upon files of inspiration photos so I could rely on them to lend me a smile before heading to work. But most times, I am thankful to have a mind that doesn't stop.

Because then I can make things like this. And when I make things like this, I feel a great sense of gratification. And, to me, feeling gratified is like nothing else.

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough:

Okay, well that's all. I am listening to the Wild game on internet radio. It's 2-2. This is the time of year I wished we had cable, but I can't complain about these sweet accents that the announcers have. Dear to my heart. Oh. Especially because they are playing the Blue Jackets tonight and the Blue Jackets have Tyutin and I love hearing the announcers say "Tootin". Darn Tootin. So fitting. Even though I think it's supposed to be Tyoo-tin, but I like the way they say it better. YAY! Go Clutterbuck. 3-2 Wild lead. Okay, off I go. Enough Ramblin.

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