Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Found a Few Minutes

I know I announced a blog break earlier in the week, but I found a few minutes (with daylight for photos!) to write a bit.

Joe & I are still working on our media console project, and although it's pretty much finished, there is blue painters tape in the way and I don't really want that in my photo. So it looks like it will have to wait until I have daylight again before I can share. (I'm really bad at this break thing, I guess...) But I will say that it looks 20 times better than it did before and I love it and can't wait to show it to you.

For now I wanted to share this winter wreath that I made last year:
I made it using vines that I found in our yard. The birds & other pieces are from a craft store & the total cost of the project was about $13 because I also had to buy a new hot glue gun since I couldn't find mine.

I got the wreath hanger from Lowes when I was in Illinois a few weeks ago. We don't have a Lowes by us, which is such a bummer because I feel like their stuff is way better than Menards & a they offer more items that fall into my personal style range than Home Depot does. Although now that Home Depot has a Martha Stewart line, they may end up balancing out. 

As much as I want to love color in my home, I'm more of a neutral grey-white-brown-slate girl. Although I do love yellow and pink as accents. But coming home to neutrals after a mentally busy work day is what I need. Speaking of work- I am scheduled until midnight tonight. I am so very thankful that this only happens once in a great while...

Before I go, here's a quick story about Clem. Yesterday I heard him making a ruckus in the kitchen and I figured he was trying to steal bread (again). So I went in there to pull him off the counter for the 37293th time and couldn't find him. I figured he ran to the basement. Joe finally found him on the top shelf of our cabinets. He had snuck in, closed the door behind him and found his very own cat walk. Our cabinets span about 12' across and he can tunnel all the way through, as he (and we) learned yesterday. He refused to come down and claimed one of the corners as his new chillin' spot. 

So I had to climb up on the counter and pull him down. He's only gone up times...since then. And he found our cheese danish in the middle of the night and ate the topping off it. Yeah, he's a pain in the ass. Into everything, all the time. Did I tell you that we woke up to a bag of marshmallows and graham crackers on the floor a few weeks ago? He was trying to make smores. Maybe I mentioned that, I don't remember. Either way, we need to cat-proof our damn cabinets now. Ugh. He must have known I was typing about him because now he's throwing himself at me, so I have to go. Damn cats...

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