Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Trying to Fill the House

Now that the weather is dipping, I'm beginning to notice more and more that our house is very stark-feeling. I long for the day that we have more furniture so that each room feels warm and inviting. It's slowly getting there.

Tonight I was painting the 70's-gold sliding closet door trim in our guest room and it occurred to me that I had a blue cart in the garage that I could use as a nightstand. I picked it up at the 127 corridor sale a couple of years ago. Initially it was going to be used as a table saw stand, but then I didn't need it for that so it's been sitting in the garage collecting dust (and spiders!) for the past year. I had some ambition tonight for the first time in over a week- today was the first day I've felt good in for awhile. No motion sickness, no headache, no neck pain...all totally gone! I didn't get all that much accomplished, but I did manage to drag this blue cart onto the back deck and wash it.

I'm sure the weather helped. It was like summer! In November! In Wisconsin! 

Anyway, I got that washed off and it's currently drying on the back deck. We'll see how it goes. When I was dragging it out there I saw a tag on it and realized that it's an old medical cart. Awesome! I have a love for all things vintage medical. And it's that perfect blue I talked about a few posts back. Bliss.

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Jo said...

How does it look now that it's clean and inside ??
Can we see ??
Jo xx