Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heh. So Joe found a carpool, did I tell you that? I don't remember. Anyway, he commutes with 3 women from Mazo to Middleton Monday-Thursday and then on Friday he's on his own. Pretty sweet deal.

Anyway, one of the women is having this thing at her house featuring 7 or 8 artisans from the area on Saturday.

Since Joe is SO very thoughtful...ahem...he said something like "OH! Erin used to make things, blah blah blah, and she has lots of left over stuff since she's not actively selling right now."

Yes. I do have lots left over...all packed away in boxes...all in need of hooks or brackets or matte finish or something.

After much hesitation (mainly because I just don't have time for this sort of thing right now) and some persuasion from the other side ("oh, well I'll help you with things"...) I finished getting a little over half of my leftover stock ready.

I got up this morning to build a super quick display stand that holds 5 racks.

And all the other stuff laying around the stand are items that I quickly tagged this morning before heading off to work.

One thing that I do not miss about the handmade life is the stress that comes along with preparing for shows. Luckily Joe was able to help me quite a bit with this last minute shindig. He made most of my price tags and he also went to her house tonight to set everything up for me because I didn't get home from work till about 9.

Hopefully some of it sells. It would be nice to have a little extra money that I could do whatever I wanted to with and not feel guilty about it.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Sorry that I can't send you an e-mail letting you know that we will be on vacation in, let's just say The Dells, and that we'd be able to swing by your show. That would be sup-a sweet.

Just enjoy yourself!