Monday, August 31, 2009

Why Living in the Country is Cool, Part I.

So one of the many awesome things about living out here vs. living in Madison is that there are a lot more cool things to be found...for cheap.

Like this old wooden military box:

It's pretty solid and quite bulky. Probably the best $10 find to date. I found it at an Estate Remnant sale at a church about half a mile from our house. Everything there was super cheap...and they had A LOT. I bought a few other small things, but I only had 15 minutes before heading to work to shuffle through aisles and aisles of treasures.

I'm thinking about putting it on some casters and using it as a coffee table or something like that. We'll see how it looks with
the couch that I want to order from CB2. I have no idea when we'll find time to get to Chicago to test the couch out, so I'm pretty close to just ordering it and hoping for the best. Which is generally not my style, but with excellent reviews and my craving for a cool sectional, I just might take a leap. I mean, anything is going to be better looking than what we currently have. Our couches right now aren't that bad, but we don't like them and they are too big for our long and narrow living room (12'x22').

For now I am off to the paint store. My parents are coming this weekend and my mom was wondering if we wanted them to paint at all...then she said "well, you'll probably want to do that yourself though, right?". Haha, yeah right. I'm all for painting but I'll take any help I can get when it comes to large spaces and little time to do it myself.

PS- does anybody know what they used these big wooden boxes for? I always like to know the story behind my cool finds, but in this case, there was nobody to ask.


Anonymous said...

I think that's an ammo box. It would make an interesting table, though.

bugheart said...

i agree
with the
table idea...
nice visiting
you again...