Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bird Houses: After

Today is my last day off before returning to work.
I've been trying to keep myself from becoming a couch sloth without going overboard.
Low energy activities are key.
So remember these bird houses that I got for a $1 each?
Well I decided to give them a little makeover:
The yellow and brown one is now purple and the blue one is the same, but with a newly painted roof and some doily looking things.
While I was painting them, I had to smile because each one had a long nail stapled to it.
The woman I bought them from was sure to point this out: "And look, you don't even have to buy any nails!"
I love cute old people.
So thoughtful and simple.


beth said...

Nice makeover. The stencils are a nice touch. Good luck going back to work....ease into it.

Annie said...

Love the little bird houses. I could do with one of those for my budgies. I might have to look into it. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the look of your garden.