Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Dance

Despite having to come home from work early every day that I've worked this week because of my stupid sickness, I am still pretty happy.

Not because it's Friday.
Not because I have the house to myself.
And not because the cats aren't fighting...
But because we have finally made it to the point in our life where we don't need to save for a wedding, a house or a car and we can spend money on FUN stuff (sometimes).
Sure, a wedding, house and car are all fun stuff.
No doubt about it.
Well, okay- the wedding thing is kind of a drag. I have to say. Thought I'd love it...Couldn't wait for it...HAD to have it. Haha, yeah. It's really pretty lame...
But anyway, those are all life things.
You know?
After you get the life things out of the way you can start having fun.
Or at least that's the way we decided to do it.
 (let's not talk about kids here, okay? no rain is needed right now...)

So yes- back to the fun thing. First on the "fun" list is camping.
We love camping.
But our gear is less than desirable.
To the point that I refuse to go.

So I ordered a new tent...a Mutha Hubba HP.
Which is actually a 3 person tent, but it was either this or two solo tents.
You see, I am not what you'd consider a close sleeper.
Joe and I actually sleep on opposite sides of the bed because of this.
I'm not kidding. I'm sure I've made mention that the only hard part of moving in together was that I didn't get my own bedroom anymore.
Luckily the guest room will be finished soon...
But back to the tent thing, here she is, in half her glory (her other half is with the fly on).
 And of course we needed a footprint for beneath the tent
A stove for water, soup...that sort of thing.
And an awesome pot set.
(Quick 2 System)
And a sleeping pad for a good night's sleep.

A Boundary Pack for keeping our things dry on river trips (I got green).
Oh shoot, somehow my dromedary bag got deleted from my cart. 
Well, that's a drag. Oh well, I'll have to buy it separate.
Probably when I buy a water filter and some other stuff.

So that's that. 
I ordered all of it from Cascade Designs, in case you were wondering.

Joe's 30th birthday is coming up and I asked him what he wanted to do.
He said he wanted to do an overnight trip down the Wisconsin River.
I am hoping that I am feeling 100% by then, but I have to admit that I really pushed my limits over the past few days and I think I may have screwed things up a bit.
I have to take a couple more days off work to rest some more.
Not looking forward to that...
I'm sure I'll visit plenty of blogs during that time

Which brings me to this- if you are a reader who has been shy, say hello! I want to know who you are! And I will be sure to visit your blog if you leave a comment.

I know you are out there. Google Analytics told me so. ;)

*ps- before anybody jumps down my throat about comparing kids to rain (joseph...) i was referring to the financial aspect of it all. i'm excited to have money for ME! kids would definitely undo not ready for any of that stuff!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

We have a Hubba Hubba + it's for 2, but you really have to like the person within your tent. Good thing Tom + I get along so well!

Zinger, like singer

And I'm now officially obsessed with "Party Down" + will be ordering both seasons on DVD. Most of the people involved are in a new show on Adult Swim called "Children's Hospital" We don't have cable, but they are airing a couple episodes on the website.

Jessica said...

Delurking! I can't remember how I found your blog...I think it was through a friend awhile back. But anyways, I'm a Wisconsin gal too, now living just east of Seattle! Love hearing about your house and thrifting adventures. Stop on by my blog for similar subject matter :)

Jodi Z. said...

Hey Erin,

I carpool with Joe - he forwarded the link awhile back to show your fire pit project. I love seeing what projects you're working on. . . Hope to see you at Taco Tuesday next week ;-)