Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Room

I've been searching for window treatments for a few rooms in the house for quite some time now. I haven't been ready to commit to anything because I haven't found what I'm looking for and because when I have found what I like, there is no way I can afford it. I had originally thought that I wanted some crisp white roman blinds for the living room with some sort of accent material or something, but then I saw these:

 And although I don't LOVE them, I think they'll go well with the living room and I'd like them more than white ones.  Part of the issue with having white shades is that the windows take up a large share of the wall space on our "tv wall". I hate the wall with the television backed up to it because I feel like I can't put anything above the tv with the way it is currently set up.
So since I don't want the wall to be any more stark than it already is, I'm opting for a patterned shade from IKEA.

It's the LISELOTT roller blind and it retails for $20.
It's pretty hard for me to bring anything into the house that isn't decent quality, so I'm hoping that these are at least somewhat okay (fat chance). I'm kind of afraid to look at them at the store in fear that I'll drive all the way there and then hate them.

So I'll have to pick up a couple of these throws to make it worth my while (and then cut the tassels off because I don't like tassels):
 Because, you know, driving 140 miles for a blanket is so worth it...

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