Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Come on Day, Speed Up

I'm off work still, but feeling a lot better.

So since I currently feel like I have all the time in the world, sitting here resting up, I suppose I'll show you the project that I've been working on.

It's not all that exciting in photo-form. Much better in person. And better still when more stuff starts blooming...

2 weeks ago I started clearing a path through one of the gardens. I took this photo after I already started, so it isn't a true "before" photo, but it gives a general idea...

Tons of weeds were pulled (2 wheelbarrows worth) and I ripped out the daisies, which was highly gratifying. I don't think I've mentioned how much I dislike daisies. Joe doesn't like them either. Buuuut both of our moms love them & it wasn't until after I ripped them out that I remembered this. Oh, don't worry mom- there will still be plenty to give you next spring I'm sure.

Moving along...the lilac bush was cut back & a wooden border was placed (dumpster dive score!).

A few plants were added (like I needed more...)

And multiple strolls have been taken.

This is the view to the right of the path:

It's hard to see, but today I spied a new hydrangea (in the middle) which is different than the Annabelles that seem to be practically taking over the property. It was a nice change.

I added a few little thrift store/rummage finds and moved some railroad ties to create borders.

I thought that a small firewood pile would make for a nice addition to the path as well, especially since the fire pit is just to the left of the area.

And we recently moved our trailers to the back and Joe and my dad & brother split fire wood for 4 hours over Memorial Day weekend. One of the walls of wood is seen to the far right.

Joe and I have a master plan (although not yet drawn out) for the path to extend to the very back of the yard (which you can't really see in the photo above) between the 2 bordering rows of pine trees. We hope to have this finished in 2-3 years. We'd like to have a pretty serious bird sanctuary within 5 years, and the path will lead around the entire perimeter, complete with a couple of bird watching huts and lots of benches. I'm not quite sure when I'll have the time to maintain such a huge garden, but we plan on using a lot of low-maintenance plants and to add multiple rock gardens.

And since I haven't shown you enough photos in one post, here's another. This demonstrates just how over-grown the gardens are. We wanted to live here during an entire grow season (rather than just half, like last year) to see what we were going to be able to work with. Next summer this garden will be heavily divided and we will most likely sell about 1/4 of it to buy some plants that are more of our taste.

So anyway, that's all. Hope your day is going well. For now I'm off to take a snooze.

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Valerie Joy said...

Love the garden! I'll help you clearing out some of those plants next year :) Keep up the good work!