Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garden Progress

I haven't been doing anything in my free time other than gardening, so I don't really have anything too fun to post.

I extended the log wall a little bit further yesterday and I'm pretty happy with it. No more unsightly shed/tools from the neighbor's side and we feel a little more hidden now.

So far we've purchased 5.25 yards of mulch and I'm hoping that does it. 

What else is new...hmm, not much. Oh yeah. I dropped my phone in the toilet (the phone that took me over a year to convince Joe I should have) and I have to use the money I've been saving for my upcoming IKEA trip on a new one now. I'm trying to be okay with this, but it's highly frustrating for me to have to spend the dollars I've been stashing away for so long on a new phone. Damn. 

Okay, off to work. Have a great weekend!

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kate said...

Need. IKEA. Around. Here. Pronto.