Friday, June 17, 2011


Today is day 3 of 3 days off in a row. I'm not particularly fond of having all of my days off in a row because I always end up feeling like "what the eff i just had 3 days off in a ROW and what do i have to show for it? nothing." Being a person with grand ideas and a slim amount of cash along with a short attention span do not go hand in hand.

And so this morning I dismissed the 3 projects that went to hell over the past 2 days and tried something small. A terrarium.

When I was at a friend's house yesterday I saw 2 charming terrariums that were filled with beautiful mosses. Thinking about my own moss garden intentions that never came to fruition, I realized that I could just do something small for now until I got all my ducks in a row for the outdoor moss garden.

So I grabbed the cork lidded jar that's been sitting on my kitchen table and layered it with pea gravel, soil, sand and moss. I searched for my little mushroom figurine that I bought a couple years ago but realized that I may have given it to the thrift store. That's twice in a week that I have looked for something only to realize I gave it away! That's okay, I'm over it.
So yes- and indoor moss garden. I think this will hold me over until my real moss garden happens next year. I might start another one with just a tiny piece of moss to watch it spread and grow.

So that's that. For now I'm going to go get a trailer of mulch so I can finish mulching the backyard gardens. Yeah- after 2 years of owning a utility trailer, we finally bought a hitch so we can use the dang thing. Sometimes I wish that I had a high paying job so I could get simple things without having to save my pennies for months and months...but then I realize that I can just wait for the cars to be paid off and I won't need that higher paying job. I only have to hang onto that thought for 2 more years and then we'll be golden. :)


kate said...

Your terrarium is great! I helped a friend make six of them yesterday out of old Pyrex beakers found at an abandoned lab. It was his first time, and while taking him through each step of the process I realized how relaxing and therapeutic terrarium-making can be. LOVE your jar with the cork lid.

Valerie said...

Absolutely love the terrarium, Erin! And now remembering that I need to mulch my own gardens pretty quickly with that party coming up ...

Great seeing you the other night, as well. It's so nice to have such an inspiring friend!