Saturday, June 04, 2011

Television Wall Redo

Yesterday I rearranged the television wall (and i just realized that i completely skipped the latest piece of design advice i read- turn on the tv on whenever it's in a photo) and I must say that I like it a little bit more now. Before it was just one of those "ARGH what am I going to do with that wall!?" areas of the house, but now I can sleep a little easier.

That's really about all for now. I just got off work and I'm really tired. It's only 8:11 but I think I may end up hitting the sheets in a few minutes here. More soon!

PS: If you visited yesterday and saw the original post that was with this photo, I decided to delete it for various reasons. Thanks to those who commented on the post, I enjoyed reading your insight and stories. 


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

As I've stated on my blog before, sometimes some posts seem like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect...

I did not see other comments, but it was very brave of you to share your story.

Turn your TV? Make sense + I've never heard that before.

Erin Lang Norris said...

Thanks, Shona. :) Yeah, when I was typing it I was like "yeah, i can handle this being out there". and then as the day went on, I found myself thinking about the post too much. But thanks so much for your comment & story. I'm still in the process of deciding what's right.

And, haha, I made a typo in my was supposed to be "turn ON the tv"...although turning the tv could be useful in certain photo angles as well!