Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Studio is Finished!

So this is pretty exciting for me...for the first time ever, I have a studio space that is fashioned to my liking. I am going give it all I've got to keep it somewhat orderly, and I think I'll be able to now that I've gotten rid of all the stuff I don't need and have taken the time to organize it in a way that actually makes sense.

Let's start with the before photos, shall we? Now, keep in mind- I haven't worked in this space for over 6 months and it most certainly took on an attitude that was slowly stiffened by neglect...

Yeah. I know. Here's another:
Let's get a closer look at what we're really seeing here....
I'm not lying when I say I have trouble with putting my things where they belong. Pretty much my worst flaw ever...I leave my shit all over the place without realizing it. Fortunately I live with Joe and the main floor of the house doesn't look like this because I know what would happen if it did and also because I can't really function in a space like this. Although it's not to say that it doesn't get messy when he's not around...heh, he'd have a heart attack if he ever came home early from a business trip.

Anyway, this is what it looks like after many hours of reworking the space, although I suppose calling it "finished" is kind of pushing it- I still want to get a few more things shifted, I haven't swept, and I want some new storage for under the tables.

This area will be used for mixed media art:

This sweet new vintage desk lamp was purchased at a rummage sale the other day for $0.25. I especially like the design around the ON/OFF switch:
And a packaging and shipping area:
Ahhhh...much better! I think that I will have it completely finished with another hour or two of work. I like working with task lighting rather than overhead lighting, so another light would be fun. The previous owners had the fluorescents up but I'm not planning on using them for this room anymore. 
So that's that. Oh yeah, and I wrote a piece for Houzz about inspirational studios last week. Check it out if you are looking for some new ideas! 


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Looks great! It's such a luxury to have your own space like this. In the midst of my household clean-out I'm also rearranging/ organizing my studio.

bugheart said...

it looks great.
i am so jealous!

lexisworks said...

your studio looks excellent! i know how it feel to finally have a studio space of your own. I finished my studio last fall, it's a bit of a mess now that I am in the middle of preparing for a show, but i hope to give a good clean soon.