Friday, March 18, 2011


I finally finished this piece this morning & was able to clear the kitchen table as a result. Joe will be so happy about that.

Yes- I have 2 separate studio-like spaces in the basement, but I really enjoy being on the main floor because it's where my music is & where the sunlight seems to shine. It's also the most finished area of the house & since unfinished areas make me uneasy, I tend to avoid them.
This piece is 11x14 & is on a 1" deep panel. One of my favorites thus far, I think I may make digital prints of it (and some other pieces I have) if I can find a copy shop that I would like to work with. Sorry it's difficult to read some of the smaller things- I crossed the camera off my "to get" list and I'm just going to deal with what I have for a bit longer. But you can see it a little better in my flickr stream.


This is the first morning I've felt okay about going into the day in quite a few days. I think I finally caught up on "me" time, which is awesome. I hate when I get in a funk...ack! Tomorrow is my day off and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm hoping to get one or two blog worthy things accomplished...we'll see. :)


Karen@oldbeginnings said...

really, really nice. that could go up on my walls in quite a few places! Love it!

jessicajane said...

I love this piece. Where are you selling your work at now? I tried your Etsy link at the top of you blog on the right hand side and it didn't work.

Erin Lang Norris said...


jessica- wow! i have no idea how long that link has been broken, but it must have been a long time...thank you for the heads up, i would have never known!


This is beautiful! You should definitely make a print of this and share it with the world. I love it. And I've been feeling kinda under the weather myself, too. But I think it's natural and perfectly healthy for artists to get into that weird funk.