Thursday, March 03, 2011

Late Night. Again.

Ugh. I tried. I really did. I tried without even realizing I was trying. For the fourth evening in a row, in addition to this morning, I sat down with my art stuff.

Many minutes have been spent clipping and shuffling and gluing and drawing. But mostly shuffling. Although I haven't found a groove with this piece yet, I'm definitely onto it. It was slow going in the middle. But to my defense- those rain drops took a damn long time to draw. They always do. I think that's why I like drawing them. And I was having quite a bit of trouble with my Rapidograph last night, which, of course, always results in inky black fingertips.

So tonight I cut and shuffled and reshuffled. I began to wonder what my hang up with this piece was. I casually looked at my table as I thought...I remember laughing because the realization that I'll never be an organized person hit me once again.
I promise that it's comfortable for me- to work next to all my art stuff when it's piled high like that. I think it's a normal thing for people who make. Please tell me that it is. Anyway, that's when I realized that I was trying to keep my new thing too simple. I laughed again as I thought about a comment that one of my friends made at an art show I did last fall. He asked which stuff was mine, and I told him they were the ones with the black pine trees. He eagerly replied "Oh! Is that the really busy piece that's over there?" I laughed and said "Haha. Yeah. It's the one that's titled "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough." He chuckled.

So yes. I started filling the piece up and it's feeling much better. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow, but we'll see.
So far I like it. But my scrap & ephemera box has dwindled to almost nothing, and I really need more. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet. I might have to hit up Etsy.

And here are 5 random things...because staying up till midnight is a great idea:
1. it's raining. that means it's almost rain jacket season and i love my rain jacket.
2. i've been thinking about canoe trips a lot lately. this is the year that i'm going to cave. more on that later.
3. i bought a new bag today with a gift card that i had. i'll show you next week.
4. i'm trying to learn one new word a day but i keep forgetting to use them. damn.
5. if i stop typing right this very second, i can still make it to bed today rather than tomorrow.

Edit: I didn't make it to bed until tomorrow. Which is now today.

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