Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The days seem to melt into each other like popsicles in the sunshine. I think I'm almost through the thaw, but we'll see what next week has to offer.

Somehow I forgot busy this time of year is. I haven't touched my Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr to do list and have probably only done 3 loads of dishes. I think I swept twice. I finally cleaned the toilet bowl yesterday. Thankfully I have a husband who helps out, but his main thing is that he can't stand stuff when it's left out and my thing is that filth is something I cannot live with. This usually works except during times like this, when I leave my shit everywhere and also don't have time to clean. So crankiness has taken over as of late. I've been eating terribly, which isn't typically the way I handle my food consumption. 

Fortunately, everything seems to be a cycle and I should be back to my preferred methods shortly. Today I woke up and was thankful that I was in the mood to clean. Whew. I have been staring at those windows for a month now and they are finally spotless (on the inside...I have to wait for warmer weather to do the outside.) I had extra time to love my plants and I'm going to do more plant stuff later on. I wish that it was in the 50s again today, but instead it's sleeting and cold. The photo above was taken a few days ago.

Anyway, I am going to compile a list of all my Houzz articles soon, but for now here is the latest: Life in a Glass House. It's inspired by conservatory and green house style. If you haven't noticed, I'm on a major plant kick lately. I love house plants. It must be our almost-half-year-long winters. Check it out if you are feeling the pull for spring. :)

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