Tuesday, January 23, 2007

10 things i love

hello everybody. how are you? i am okay...i have a dentist appointment today- i do NOT want to go. i have never been afraid of the dentist before, what happened to me?! anyway...
i have had spring on my mind. i want it here now- i am tired of winter, even though our winter hasnt been bad so far, i just dont really like it. so since i have had spring on my mind, i have been thinking about new things. new things for the apartment and new things for myself. i am usually a warm color person, but you know what- after our wedding i am warm-colored out almost. so i think that's the reason for my recent love for cool colors. i've been on a blue and green kick- perfect for spring.
if i could buy anything...

i would buy this screen print by dan mccarthy.

this vintange newspaper rack.

this print by eric swanson.

this book that is out of stock.

these fabulous green heels.

this sweet photo by alicia bock.

this lovely pillow from west elm.
these awesome notecards by erinzam.
this cute shirt by animal sleep stories.
this sold out alabaster deer head.
i hate when things are out of stock. i knew i should have swooped up that deer head when i had the chance...oh well, something even better will come one day, i'm sure.
take care everybody.


bugheart said...

i wanted
that deer head too
and half
the things
you listed
(now i want
the other half).

i am a cool
i have learned
to embrace
red, pinks
and oranges.

good luck
at the
how is it
as we get older,
things that
weren't scary
we were young
to be

Kristin Loganbill said...

regarding your loss of the deer head- in the words of my friend Eliana "there will always be another pair of cute shoes" you have picked out some beauties there. that light bluish green color is also appealing to me lately.

ambika said...

Wow, the deer/antler fetish is really reaching new heights. I love the alabaster head, and the colorful cards...and well, everything.

lisa s said...

omg... those heels.... the photo.... so much good stuff. eye candy!

maditi said...

10 fabulous things!! I love Alicia Bock´s photography too!!

gracia said...

So many wonderful things to covet!
see you, g

Anonymous said...

When I saw that the deer head was sold out, I did a quick search and found it on eBay. Before I went there, I did visit the Dan McCarthy web site and indulged...so the deer head is still up for grabs!