Sunday, January 21, 2007

new journal

i made something new today...a mini coptic bound journal.

i am finally starting to come out of my creative rut, but i figured it would be best to come out with something simple at first. so, i created this journal. it's made of 100% recycled materials. yep- everything that went into this journal came from remnants of another project. heres the list-

*the dark red waxed linen thread that i used was the last bit off of that particular spool. it was just barely long enough!
*i go through a LOT of 24"x18"artist drawing pads...the pad has a very sturdy cardboard backing, which has come in handy so many times- such as this time...that's what the covers are made of :) so i keep all of my thick cardboard backings from the sketch pads
*i just cut lots of paper for my "small" journals...i always end up with really nice sized pieces of leftover paper after all of the cuts are completed- the best part is that they are already almost to the size i need them for these journals, so it makes cutting the paper to the right demensions super quick!
*the beetle print came from a pocket book that i messed up a long time ago. so the image was used here :)
*the orange cardstock came from an end paper scrap from a previous journal.

so that's the list- it's cool for ME because it was super easy to make, and i do plan on making lots more, and also because i'm big into recycling. it's cool for the BUYER because i can offer it at a much lower price than my regular journals since not as much work goes into it. yay!

okay, i better go join our company in the living room! take care, friends!


Shona said...

I love using pieces that are lying around, I feel like I have accomplished more than just making a book- I've recycled + cleaned out some of my stash.

If you are anything like me, I'm sure you need ONE MORE blog to read (HA!). In response to the comment you left on mine, did you see this link on Cammilla Engman's post from yesterday?

bugheart said...

you know
that i would
love it
of course!

Kristin Loganbill said...

really nice- as always!
I have a bag of paper scraps in my studio just waiting to become something....

casapinka said...

I'm delurking. I love your books. I've just started a bookbinding course so I can try and make something as beautiful as the ones you share. Thank you!