Thursday, January 18, 2007


well, it looks like i missed "de-lurking week" but i wanted to post this anyway, mainly because i have been meaning to tell you more about myself for some time now.

my name is erin and i will turn 22 on january 27.

i recently got married, it was a beautiful september day. i wore a handmade dress and a handmade necklace. my shoes ran me $6 and i didn't waste money on a hairdo. i wanted things to be as natural as possible, because i wanted people to feel comfortable and welcome to have a good time.

one day i want to live in a house with lots of land. once i have that, i would love to have a tree farm and breed alpacas. oh, i will need a horse or two as well.

i started binding journals a little over a year ago.

i have brown eyes but i wish they were green and i have light brown hair but i have dyed it black for about 5 years now. pretty soon i am chopping it all off, and eventually it will be dark brown rather than black.

i work at a restaurant as a server. i dont really like it but it pays the most money for the least amount of hours. i also have a small business called "operation paper cut".

when i was younger, i was a morning person. now i dislike the mornings greatly, but i get up with my husband, joe, at 4:30 a.m. every day to tell him goodbye. then i check my email and some blogs and i go back to bed around 6 and sleep until 9ish.

i collect zines.

soon i will begin screen printing.
i love cashews and my favorite color is green.

i have a brother named kevin who is 15. he was very sweet when he was younger. i don't know what happened to him because part of that sweetness has faded away, but i really hope he comes around one day. i miss the old kevin a lot.

my mom drives a school bus and my dad just recently changed professions- he used to be a mechanic, but now he drives a garbage truck. my mom is outgoing and is a very strong person. i admire her for that, i have no idea how she does it sometimes. my dad is quiet but will talk and talk if given the chance, haha. they have helped me and joe out in so many ways, i will never be able to thank them enough!

i used to wear a lot of black and grey and red. now i wear every color. except purple...i dont like purple much, unless it's an accessory like a hat or a pair of mittens. i love mittens. i dont have enough.

right now i am listening to gordon lightfoot.


lisa s said...

erin - you are so cute [i love cashews too!]

happy almost b-day!

Shona said...

My brother is 10 years younger than me + I remember feeling the same way. Don't worry, he'll become a human again.

melanie said...

Hi Erin. I guess I am de-lurking because I read your blog but I rarely comment. I just wanted to say that I have green eyes and often wish they were dark brown! And I used to dye my hair black but now it is dark brown and quickly going grey.

Ky said...

i second what lisa said - too cute! by the way, my eyes are green..hehe...

Kristin Loganbill said...

give purple a chance....
I never liked it much either but lately it's been growing on me. some days now I want to wear ONLY purple!

bugheart said...

i agree...
so cute.
i love green too.
and can't really get
into purple
i try.
i heart