Wednesday, January 24, 2007

another coptic mini

i created another journal for my "coptic mini" series. this one features my tree design. i think next i will do an anatomical heart journal and then maybe something new. i really need to come up with some new designs, but the ones i have will do for now!
there's really not a whole lot on my mind right now. i work tonight at 4:30, i picked up a shift. for awhile i wasnt working many nights. and for awhile before that, i was working only nights (for the most part.) well, i talked to the lady who does the schedule and i told her that i would rather work during the day. at first it was great. i got to see joe every day when i got home from work and i was able to spend the evening with him. but it's gotten to the point where i go to work, come home, and just hang out with joe all night. well, that isnt really working (for me) because i have a really hard time with self discipline when he is home--meaning, i hardly ever work on things that i should be doing. so, about 2 weeks ago i decided that i am just going to start picking up a couple of shifts every week, and i want to try to make them night shifts. so far it is working- i am getting much more accomplished and i am finally finding a balance.
oh yeah, so the dentist told me that i have 8 cavities. well, 8 that need to be fixed right now. they are all between my teeth, meaning that if i would have been flossing my whole life, things would have been fine! but he said that if i start flossing right now, i should be in good shape as far as my OTHER cavities go- the ones that are okay to leave alone for now. so i am getting 6 filled on one day and 2 on another. i'm thrilled.
okay i am going to go make some lunch now. i'm thinking roast beef and cheddar on toast. take care!

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michelle said...

I love your journals....I think that, for me, self-discipline is the most difficult part of making things too. When my husband works from home, I really don't get as much done as I want to.
Oh, and what a bummer about the dentist, ugh.