Monday, January 29, 2007

trying to stay focused.

i would tell you about the rainbow cupcakes joe made me for my birthday...
or the recycled booklets i have been making...

but instead, i have to take a short break.

things aren't going well right now.
(everything is fine with joe and i, so don't worry!)

it's about so many things, i can't really explain right now.
mom, if you are reading this- things will get better one day. if you cry at night just know that you are not alone in doing so. he'll be the same again one day...won't he? i hope so. i miss him too...the way he used to be. i know people change, but what the hell has come over him? {i love you.}


bugheart said...

big hugs
in your
let me know
if i can
to help!

lisa s said...

big big hugs from me too.... just remember to breathe [and enjoy those adorable cupcakes]

cruststation said...

Oh dear, thinking of you and your family.
Love those recycled booklets of yours, hope to see the inner pages when you're feeling better.

Shona said...

I will also keep you in my thoughts.

mommy2U said...

I always read your posts! I am amazed at your creativity:) Where did you get it??
Please try to not let all these events interfere with the happiness in your life. Stay positive; things WILL get better. HE will get better too:) Until then, remember always that I love you and am so proud of you!! :)

Katie said...

darn erin, it sounds like you're having some tough days. I'm sure everything will work out OK. ::HUG::

and Happy Birthday to you! I can't believe your hubby made you those delicious looking cupcakes? Can you send him to NYC to teach my boyfriend? :-)

Love the new recycled books - using the maps is a great idea!