Thursday, January 25, 2007

apple apple apple.

no words for now...maybe later?
okay okay, so i suppose i can post some links to make this post look a little nicer-
this belt buckle that i love
a neat etsy shop with lots of pendants
a hoodie that i would love to wear


shelby said...

I love the pendant shop. I used to use polymer clay to make beads and such but that was a long time ago. Seems like it cracked easily, so I avoid buying stuff made of it. Has it gotten better in the last 10 or so years or did I just have bad luck and need to give it another try?

bugheart said...

great new
and i am crazy
for belt buckles.
had to buy
the bug and snail one
because we
work on bugs
(well not bees)

erin scissorhands said...

gwen- i'm so happy that you found something that you liked from that shop and bought it! awesome!

Shona said...

What are you using for your covers? It almost looks like particle bard from the hardware store. I love the rough edges with the green apples- sturdy, industrial + yummy at the same time.

PS I was given a tip: Dick Blick is a good inexpensive source for basic screen printing supplies.

ismoyo said...

I love apples, and i love your wonderful apple journal!