Friday, January 05, 2007


hello there!

i have been visiting lots of blogs lately and reading all of the new year's resolutions. i've seen some really great ones!

so now it's my turn. i've been wanting to post this for a while now, but it took a little longer than i had hoped.

this year joe and i decided to keep a clean house. this is a huge task for me, because i just have so many odds and ends without homes. i'm sure you all know about the little things that scatter themselves around the house...paper scraps are the worst, aren't they? so far we have kept the living room, kitchen, and dining room in tip top shape. we clean every night before bed and i have been doing the dishes while my coffee brews in the morning.

i have cut back on my time spent online. time flies when youre reading blogs!

i have been wanting to keep a journal for some time now. i used to when i lived at my parents- i would lay in bed with my desk light on and just write and write until i was finished thinking and imagining. i can't really do that anymore now that i share a bedroom and a bed. i mean, i could if i wanted but i really liked my old set up. sitting at a desk and journaling isnt really the same to me. so instead i have decided to keep an illustration and short caption moleskine, which will be inspired by illustration friday. i have always wanted to participate, but i just never did, and i think it's about time that i do. (this weeks illustration topic is "buzz"- i can't wait! i would also like to keep an everyday moleskine, just to draw, write, etc. whenever i want. i'm thinking about asking malisonian to make me a custom order- i really want a little case that i can keep my moleskines and pens in. i havent talked to her yet, but i plan on doing so really soon.

and i finally did something that i knew i always had to do...i tore out all the inspirational pages from my huge pile of design magazines and i am going to tape them into a real journal with captions and such. i just have to make the journal (that's the hard part! making myself the perfect journal!). but this will be a really fun little project for me :)

contacting people about consignment is in the works.

and my biggest thing for 2007? setting up a screen printing press. i've been wanting to do this for a while too. i mainly want to focus on things for the home- prints, placemats, etc. but of course i will be printing some shirts and such as well. i would love to eventually work with bands and create gig posters, but i think i will save that for another year!

and lastly- i want to start playing my bass guitar again. i havent played in so long, so i cant wait. this isnt a top priority at all, but just something i would like to do. we'll see what happens.

so that's what i want to do this year. i feel like all i did last year was make custom journals and stationery sets! while it is very fulfilling to do these things, i want to spend more time on doing the things i wish i had more time for. eventually i'll balance it all out!

(ooooh yeah- and my new rule for myself is "up by 9 every day" year i'll shoot for 8:00)

have a great day everybody!


lisa s said...

all sounds good.... i love that top photo!!

{and i have to get up by 6:30 in a few more days to get to teach on time... wish me luck!}

Shona said...

They all sound like wonderful resolutions. Great photos of your book making tools.
As for the waking up...5:45 M-F + I'm generally up at 7:00 on the weekend. Of course I got to work @ 10:00 at my old job + up at 9:00. Did I mention that I AM NOT a morning person????

Ky said...

such a wonderful, focused list! best of luck, erin =)
(during the school week, i wake up at 4:45am!! nuts, i know.)

maditi said...

happy new year to you!!
good luck with all your resolutions :)