Wednesday, January 24, 2007

something new

2 posts in one day...unless i wait 23 more minutes, then it will be tomorrow!
joe came and visited me at work was a nice surprise.
i picked up another shift for tomorrow night. the guy who asked me to work gave me a pound of coffee beans in return. that was cool of him- i've been drinking coffee lately. sorry tea- i still love you.
after work i felt like making something. this is what i came up with.
don't worry--i'm not keeping it in that frame! i wish i had some better lighting, dang it.
archival glue
india ink
green paint swatches
prisma colors--poppy red
colorbox ink
time for bed.


bugheart said...

send me
your address...
i have
a polaroid camera
your name on it
lovely new
by the way!

Tangerine Dreams said...

I love that tree! It spews leaves. That is so cool. Enjoy your coffee. I'm sure tea will get over it!

maditi said...

lovely new drawing!!

cruststation said...

Love your picture, it's adorable!