Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Days Till Santa Comes

Last year was the first time that Joe and I had a real Christmas tree.
It was a lot of fun picking one out and cutting it down...
 But not so much fun that I wanted to have one again this year.

I don't know, they are pretty and all, but we don't have kids or visitors and they are kind of expensive. And if I'm going to spend like $40 on a tree that's only going to be up for a month, then I should just go buy a new houseplant instead.

And anyway, stringing the lights is a bitch.

And pulling an 18 pound cat off the thing sounds like even more of a bitch.

Okay, so he might weigh more like 15 pounds now, but whatever.

Speaking of him, he's being a pain in the ass right now...trying to pull the buttons off the stockings. But that's okay...I love my orange boy kitty.
I'll just ignore him and keep doing what I'm doing...listening to grooveshark through my headphones.

My randomized grooveshark playlist:
1. The Shins- Wincing the Night Away
2. The Cramps- You Got Good Taste
3. Sonic Youth- Peace Attack
4. Die Antwoord- Enter the Ninja
5. Boys Noize- Shine Shine

Don't ask me when I started listening to the Shins...I don't really consider myself a Shins fan. But I do like select songs. 

I pretty much like anything that I can get down to. I love dancing so if it's dancable and not annoying, then I like it. And I like music, so if it has good guitars or bass or drum or saxaphone or anything solos, I dig.

Okay so Joe just told me to look on the back deck and it seems that we suddenly have like 5" of snow that has fallen in just a few hours, so I'm going to go shovel.

I wish I got an allowance like I did when I lived at my parents because then I would buy this.

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