Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Day

I am supposed to be at work right now, but we had a snow day! They closed the facility and nobody had to work. Yes! I love not having to work at night...I was scheduled till 9 p.m. so I was pretty excited to hear the words on the weather hotline.
Joe has spent about 3 hours shoveling the driveway so far. The photo above was taken during his first adventure. I'm usually all about helping, but he broke one of our shovels so now we only have one left AND the other thing is that he owes me. I don't remember what he owes me for, but I do remember telling him that he owes me multiple times the other day. OH wait, I remember now. It's because I've spent like 5 or 6 hours writing & addressing Christmas cards and I haven't asked him to write any of them. 30 down, 10 or so to go. I told him I would help shovel, but he said "no". I didn't argue. Plus, it's not like we aren't going to get another 80" this winter.

So since I didn't shovel, I worked on my potting room. Remember this? Yeah, that's what it looked like when we moved in. Gross, right? After a bit of paint and some hardcore scraping, it's coming along. It's still far from finished, though. I haven't done anything in there since spring. So I decided to go in there today and make some headway. Before I could get any work done, I had to clean a few things up...

The dirt was frozen in the pots so I just left it all in there when I brought them in for the winter. And then the cats found it. Oh, kitty cats, I love you.
Since we don't have a shed, this room is housing our outdoor furniture. The pile of wood is from the basement project we're doing. My stencil wall hasn't progressed much since I worked on it in the early spring, but that's okay.
I collected plant containers all summer long. Okay, my mom collected them for me too. I didn't get too much planting done this year. I hope to have a huge plant sale in the spring, but we'll see if I get to kind of depends on if I finish my room in time and if I can afford a grow light or two. Fingers crossed.
Above is the view out the door that leads to the back yard. I rarely use this door, but hope to install French doors someday, which I'm sure will get heavy use. I'm part French so I figure it's my duty...But if I'm not able to afford them, than at least a floor to ceiling window. I really love looking at the backyard, but the ranch windows that we have are all so high and the yard isn't really framed the way I wish that it was. One day...everything is eventual.
My mom gave me this pine shelf for the room. After cleaning up a bit, I moved it to this corner and set our outdoor pots on it, along with some of our other outside things. The only way I can seem to get organized is if I'm able to make it look pretty. Yeah, it takes like 10 times longer to do, but it's so worth it.

See what I mean about the high windows? These are the highest ones in the house- I can't even see out them- but I'm thankful that they are there because otherwise there wouldn't be any light in the room. PS- by now you've probably noticed that there is no trim, but I am going to be putting it up this winter. I'm using old barn wood that I'll cut to fit.

And finally...the right side of the room, as neat an organized as it's ever been. Aaah, it feels so good to have it look like this. It's like I live in a magazine! Kind of. I got the pod chair on Craigslist last winter (I have 2 of them now...) and I think it's perfect for this room. Or at least it will be when I actually hang out in here. The long table is my future potting bench. My mom built it for me last winter when she was here. Yeah...I know, my parents rock. Without them we wouldn't have the living room painted, the guest room painted, the basement wouldn't be in operation-remodel stage, our fallen trees wouldn't be firewood (although my dad is giving me a chainsaw soon and I can't wait!),  oh- this room wouldn't have white walls, etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on. Our parents help us with projects A LOT.

Did you do any projects this weekend? 

Yesterday I listened to music all day long and played my bass guitar for a couple hours. Those two things go hand in hand and I am trying to avoid full-on addiction, but we'll see how I do. I just get so sucked into it all and I could go and go. I suppose that's not a bad thing...except that when I get sucked into things and then suddenly don't have time to do them (working full time & life stuff) I get really. really. cranky. Big time.

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Anonymous said...

agreed: parents rock! my fiance's parents and my mom have done wonders toward the painting and un-wallpering of our own home.