Friday, December 24, 2010

Right Now

It's Christmas Eve!
I have to admit that Christmas is not my favorite holiday, but this year has been easier than the last 5 or 6. Maybe it's because it doesn't really feel like Christmas...I've heard a lot of people say that lately. I don't know why it doesn't seem like Christmas for us- Joe thinks it's because we don't have a Christmas tree.
I tried to convince him that we should just buy a cool house plant but he didn't go for it.
Oh well, I'll get him next time.

Right now I'm:

+Ready for bed.
+Wasting some time.
+Desperate for a vacation.
+Cuddling with my favorite kitty.
+Realizing she's not a kitty anymore...
+Listening to music on my new headphones.
+Enjoying my fluffy snowflake pillow from Target.
+Thinking that we need some flannel sheets for the bed.
+Feeling the fudge that we made in my thighs and my bum.
+Anticipating the pineapple upside down cake we made tonight.
+Knowing that I will have to do massive amounts of lunges pretty soon.
+Missing my Grandparents and wishing I could see them open presents again.

Oh- one other thing is that I'm loving Joe's new haircut, but I couldn't fit that in the tree. So I'm putting it under the tree. Because it was basically a gift for me...I have been begging him to get a "real" haircut for well over 5 years now. You know- one that you get at a hair cut place. He finally did it yesterday and surprised me. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't totally giddy over it. He has always just shaved with head but recently I got him to let it grow a little bit but then it just got CRAZY. To the point where I would run the other way when I saw him at work. I couldn't have all those ladies know that I was married to a chia pet! Haha, just kidding. I  hardly ever see him at work so I don't run away.

Anyway, I know that he'll blush and ask me to take this off my blog when he reads this.
But I'm not going to.

Okay, that's all. Have a wonderful Christmas! See you soon.

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