Sunday, December 19, 2010


I am just stopping by to show you this sweet little deer piece that I got at World Market.

Cute, isn't it? I haven't hung it yet, although I do know where I'm going to put it.

I think it's part of their holiday line but I plan on keeping it up all year.

Today I retiled the area under the kitchen sink.

We're supposed to make fudge at some point this afternoon as well. We've never made fudge but I read that the key is to make sure it gets hot enough and not to over-stir once you add the chocolate.

In that case, it looks like I will be making it rather than the two of us, because Joe has a serious stirring obsession. It. Makes. Me. Crazy.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

*Update: fudge was a success. I measured all the ingredients out and Joe pretty much made the rest. I did have to stop him from stirring too much, though. Haha.

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emily said...

How weird! I totally bought two of those little deer guys when I found my wooden postcard calendar box! You have great taste. :]