Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Blog Names, Etc.

I'm having a hard time rising from the couch this morning. The sun is shining and I don't get to enjoy mornings by myself much anymore because of new work schedule. Not that I don't like mornings with Joe on my days off. But my favored routine is to get up at 6:00 with Joe to make coffee and say goodbye (today that didn't happen- i am way behind on sleep, but i did get up at 7:00) and then sit on the couch with my coffee, cereal, pandora and blogs. This usually goes on for about 2-3 hours. Okay, I admit- it goes on for 3 hours more often than 2. I really enjoy the sun that comes through the windows first thing and I am so comforted by my music and my favorite blogs and the birds outside that it's hard to leave it all to face the day. I get cozy in my thoughts and don't like to break them.


I did get some Christmas cards written out- I'm really enjoying it this year. It's nice to have a blank card rather than a predetermined box of 25 repeated sayings that I'd just sign our names under, although I have been using all of my coffee and lunch breaks at work to get them done. Writing individual notes takes a long time, but is very gratifying for me.

The little notebook in the images above is my new "5 Good Things" journal. In an effort to be more satisfied and positive from day to day, I write down 5 good things that happened to me since I woke up that morning before I go to bed. I chose a cute, small journal for it because it makes me smile when I look at it and also because each page is the perfect size for 5 bullet-pointed sentences. I would highly recommend doing this, it has really helped me a lot. I have been doing other things to help my mood and attitude as well, but this is cheap and easy and requires very little time. It's amazing how habitual being positive and happy becomes with a little practice.


Now, onto new blog names! I would love it if you would take a second to vote in the poll that I have posted in the toolbar to the right. I will say that I am partial to one over the others, but I keep going back and forth.

What they mean:
1. My Grey Tornado: It's hard to put this into words, but it makes so much sense in my own mind. Basically it translates to how I feel about my brain...kind of feels all over the place, but not in a bad way. I think I think about a lot of things...
2. She Hearts Thrift: I have to be honest, this is my least favorite one and probably isn't in the running at this point, but we'll see. 
3. Any Color the Sky Can Be: This is my new answer when people ask me what my favorite color is. I have realized this to be true on my long drives to and from work. The sky always looks so pretty and is so calming to me no matter what the color is. The name also defines our home, I think- all of our wall colors seem to depict hues that the sky takes on.
4. Daydream Laboratory- The lab being my house and the daydreams being what I bring to the lab. I think and think and think about our home and my surroundings and dream up lots of ideas and can never seem to stop, so it seems like a good fit. Usually when I get called on in a meeting and have no idea what the question was it's because I was trying to decide what color rug I need for the guest room or where I should try finding a container for our coffee.

So that's that. Don't forget to vote before you leave!

*update: i have narrowed it down to "any color the sky can be" and "daydream laboratory". i think the first one will win, but they are still both being considered.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I vote for "any color the sky can be"

tricia newton said...

Hi Erin, I love your color....great your creative print design for cards. Thank you I enjoy to read your blog. wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011.
looking forwar to read your blog next year.
Tricia Newton (Australia)