Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowshoeing: Festge Park

When you live in Wisconsin, you have to find a way to get through the long, snowy and cold winter season.

One way to enjoy winter and actually look forward to snow is to find an outdoor activity that you can do for free...after the initial purchase is made, of course.

I've wanted to snowboard since I was about 8. But with all the equipment and lift tickets and driving to and from the hill, it becomes a rather expensive and tedious activity for the small slopes that Wisconsin has to offer. Don't get me wrong- if we lived in a mountainous region of the states, I'd be all over it.

But since we don't, snowshoeing has become the drug of choice for these wintery days off that we sometimes share.

Last winter I bought us each snowshoes for Christmas.

We have the Atlas 12 Series snowshoes. "12 series" basically translates to "mountain hiking", which of course we don't do since we don't live in the mountains, but I was in a position where I was able to get these for us and the rule of thumb with snowshoes, as with many other things (to me), is to get the best ones you can afford.

Anyway, if you have questions about snowshoes feel free to ask...working at an outdoor shop means that I can (and will) talk your ear off type your eyes out about this sort of thing. Trust me- I'm jonesing to talk about outside things again. One more month till I start back at 'Baga.

Okay, where was I?
Oh right. I was going to say that today was 37 degrees and sunny...perfect weather to be outside.

And perfect weather to have a snowball fight...
*note: hey look! all that fudge has paid off! you can hardly see them, but i have the slightest bit of hip action going on right now! i think i'm going through that thing that all my friends went through, but i somehow missed, when I was a teenager! The pelvis grew but the hippities did NOT.

Okay, sorry...I was getting a little bit excited about potential pants shopping in the WOMEN'S section for a minute.

Anyway, we didn't have end up having a snowball fight even though conditions called for one, because I had already received a mouthfull of snow during the trip. And by trip I mean fall. Not trip like adventure.

Don't walk backwards with snowshoes on. I know better and I did it anyway. Only to prove that you shouldn't, of course. True story. Oh- and don't jump down the hills pretending that you are in a video game.

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