Tuesday, April 04, 2006

how exciting...shash from mecozy has introduced an awesome opportunity to take pictures of the things we all love...and organize them by color! each day is a different color, today is blue.

i dont have many blue things...this is handmade soap from my penpal chelle...
a glittery rose that joe gave me a couple years ago...i still love it!
my mom saw a set of these awesome stars when she was shopping and bought me 2 of them- you can put a candle in it and it looks rad but it makes the blue fade! you might be able to tell at the top point of the star...
aaand my blue bathroom stuff...i know i really need to stop buying things from these corporate giants and switch to other brands, but for now here are a few things i use...and dont really use, like the nail polish. i cant stand nail polish on my fingers! only on my toes.
today is a busy day. well, haha, its supposed to be. i have to drive to work to pick up my void check, go visit my lunatic-of-a-landlord, go birthday shopping for joe's sister...buy new jeans since i was already low on them and then got hairdye on one of the only pairs that i can wear to work. i HATE shopping for jeans. mainly because everything they have now has those pre-ripped, pre-bleached, super-ugly effects.
anyway, off to go do some stuff.

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