Wednesday, April 05, 2006

green! yay! my favorite color is green but i never really realized it until i noticed that all of my top favorite things that i own are mostly green! i wanted to take more pictures but i figured i'd spare ya.
great little sugar...umm, holder...i found at goodwill and LOVE it to death!
green purse and green mittens. the mittens are so comfy! my friend kaitlin gave them to me for christmas. i wear them around the house and to bed too. i have a huge love for mittens.
and my green jacket. i havent had a winter jacket in over 2 years. i finally found one that i loved!


abbytrysagain said...

Wow! I love those mittens and your coat!

alison said...

that's a great coat. is it new or old? either way i like that it has a hood.

erin scissorhands said...

it is a new coat, alison, and i LOVE the hood so much! one of the many reasons i bought it!

shash said...

i definitely meant to post yours. got my site's mixed up. will fix. ;-)