Friday, April 21, 2006

you'll do just fine, little bird

im out of the paper i need to make journals, but since i was itching to make something anyway, i made this little pocket book. i listed it on etsy hoping that somebody who has the same problem as me can swoop it up. everytime i go somewhere, somebody always tells me about something thats going on or gives me their address or something like that. well i never have anywhere to write it down and i always lose the paper i write it on anyway, so why not have a little booklet to carry between credit cards? this way you can just write everything down and always have it handy! perfect.
i have to work tonight and i do NOT want to. i hate working on friday and saturday nights, especially now that the weather is getting nice. AH its the worst thing ever, working at night. i go in at about 3:30 today...i will probably get off at around 10:30 but what good does that do me? tomorrow i start at 5 and i will get off at about 11:30 at night, which sucks even more.
anyway, have a lovely day!


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